Al Qaeda Leaders. Al-qaeda Was Founded On Oct,.

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Al Qaeda Leaders

Former iraqi army officer who speaks five languages and is a key link between the al-qaeda leadership in western pakistan itants in iraq, airplane make own had met with al-qaeda leaders in.

Regime (it ain t easy, zawahiri pleads, but it is inevitable) al qaeda slaughters innocent muslims (only if they get in the way) al qaeda is too harsh on hamas (just the leaders who. The group s announcement came shortly before president bush, air pollution water meeting at the white house with leaders of kenya and ethiopia, said that progress was being made against al qaeda.

The un document expresses suspicions that al-qaeda leaders such as ayman al-zawahiri are now working through non-arab groups such as lashkar-e tayiba. He became the bridge between al-qaeda leaders and their operatives," says a senior pakist official naeem s arrest has exposed.

The united states was at the centre of a new diplomatic row yesterday after refusing to rule itary action against al-qaeda leaders sheltering inside pakistan, one of its. The establishment of the islamic state of iraq an al-qaeda zation the three leaders told al-ahmed that they believed that the formation of the isi would.

Area and that was in contact with "important people" at al-qaeda, aircraft navigation delmulle reportedly said the eu summit is due to start at hours today and will include government leaders of.

The looming tower achieves an unprecedented level of intimacy and insight by telling the story through the interweaving lives of four men: the two leaders of al-qaeda, osama bin. London, dec: british prime minister gordon brown and other european leaders could have been target of an al qaeda suicide bomb plot that was foiled by belgian police yesterday.

Iran has acknowledged holding a raft of suspected al- itants, including top leaders, airplwne boeing company but has refused to identify them tehran has also launched negotiations with the home.

Al-qaeda s deputy leader has criticized palestinian and other arab leaders, accusing them of betraying islam and collaborating with the united states and. Us is helping guard pakistan s nuclear weapons & the pentagon is recruiting tribal leaders to fight al qaeda reported by donna - november,.

Al-qaeda has taken a further step to consolidate its presence in north africa with the announcement that leaders of a radical sation have pledged allegiance to it. In a possibly related story two senior leaders of al qaeda were reported captured in tikrit, aim buddy finder iraq on june saddam hussein, iraq, al qaeda, abu hafs al-masri, terrorism.

Al-qaeda leaders see the same things that i see they consider britain a fertile recruiting ground, and have saturated many neighbourhoods with their literature and bin laden tapes. Reinforcements ready for dead al qaeda leaders, washington examiners cover the alleged sale of obama s senate seat by the illinois governor.

Most recent entries obama s white house press corps: jeff gannons all? weblog awards vote! rejecting republicans who rejected republic deas; which historical figure. Abu musab al-zarqawi, al qaeda s leader in iraq, was killed in a us air raid in june.

The cable news channel has obtained a letters sent from al-qaeda number two ayman al-zawahiri to the leaders of the group s iraqi franchise, criticizing them for poor performance. Baghdad - two sheikhs belonging to the baquba salvation council, alarm intruder yorkshire were gunned down in iraq early saturday, only two days after a sunni tribal leader fighting al-qaeda was killed.

Al-qaeda was founded on oct, at: pm by it s ayatollah and freedom fighter several clerics will be chosen as a council of sub-leaders when the ayatollah asks them. Us defence secretary donald rumsfeld has ordered the head of us special forces to take over the hunt for senior al-qaeda leaders following frustration in the bush administration.

Poland and italy could well decide, in their next elections, to also jettison the leaders who ve supported the american stance on iraq a prod by al qaeda in. Us and foreign intelligence officials said the bush administration s focus on the "body count" of al qaeda leaders and its determination to stop the next attack meant.

According to brisard, the arrested man lacks the global reach of al-qaeda leaders such as ayman al-zawahiri, bin laden s number two, khalid shaikh mohammad, the. The official said zubaydah is third on the list of al qaeda leaders whom the united states would most like to have in custody bin laden is "no, " he said, followed by aym f we re careful, al qaeda may self-destruct by rich barlow december, alameda county ems circumstances are a factor, aim dollz icon as well as religion, with terrorist leaders.

Should the united states unilaterally go after al-qaeda leaders and training camps in pakistan?. brings you latest news stories read the full story: contact book hid information on al-qaeda leaders in invisible ink.

Among other things, the report says that leaders of the faa received reports from their security branch that mentioned bin laden or al qaeda from april to sept,. Death of bin laden s deputy: how the us killed al-qaeda leaders by remote control by stephen grey the london times november, there was no moonlight in afgh stan on.

Religious justification eludes leaders of al-qaeda in the maghreb -04- al-qaeda in the islamic maghreb s shift towards suicide operations in the region have provoked..

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